Pregnancy Can Be a Beautiful Thing. Or You Could Ruin That, Too.

Everyone loves a pregnant woman right? According to these photos that I found on iVillage and Awkward Family Photos, being pregnant doesn’t exempt a woman from making bad photo pose choices.

I, for one, am glad that pregnant women are allowed to show the shape of their stomachs. When I was pregnant, we had to wear the costume of a 12-year-old Catholic school girl to disguise our pregnancies.

But then pregnant women had to go and take it one step further, and start showing their naked stomachs. Three words: T.M.I.

And then there are these people:

Get that feather away from me. And take off that bracelet, or I’ll let my water break on your side of the bed.

“I can do it, but I’m gonna need a semi-automatic, a watermelon and a maternity peasant dress.” (If MacGyver were preggers.)

Janice never showed her true feelings about the fact that her husband had a bigger bump and bigger breasts than her.

Hockey moms gone wild! No, really, the third son pushed her right over the edge and she’s actually lost her mind. If this isn't photo evidence, I don't know what is.

Greg always felt like an out-of-focus background character in his wife and daughter’s life.

Thank God for maternity sports bras.

I don’t like that look on her face at all.

You’ll want to show this photo to the baby when he gets older and begins to question just how big of a dork his dad is.

While you’re at it, picture yourself with bangs and more defined pecs, too. (Your baby isn’t going to look anything like that, by the way.)

The worst part is, these are tattoos. Alert the circus: Couple with baby coming in for audition.

The pregnancy gave Melissa the temperament to play both the White Swan and the Black Swan almost simultaneously.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, in a photo that never came out in the campaign, miraculously.

“Honey, could you pleeeeeease change the tire this time?”
“Oh, honey, I can’t. I’m naked and pregnant.”

Is it just me, or does this guy seem to be more interested in the boobs than in the baby? 

Sometimes it’s hard to find a comfortable position when you’re pregnant. So take a tip from our friend the sloth and try balancing on a tree branch.

The women I can almost forgive: Between the hair loss, face break-outs, mood swings, loss of bodily functions, and deprivation of all alcohol, caffeine and a decent cold medicine, you can hardly blame an expectant mother’s choice of photo poses. But the husbands? No excuse.

Carol soon realized that a game of hide-and-seek was going to be much more complicated for the next few months.

Celebrating our love . . . and celebrating the fact that my husband’s gut is bigger and more full of beer than mine.

What’dja do, put Skittles in there?

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