Senior Picture-itis

My daughter just got her senior pictures taken, so I can mark another thing off my list of Last Times I Get to Do Stuff. As my youngest child, this is the last time I’ll take someone to senior pictures.

In the nick of time, too. I’m just at the age and crankiness level that if I have to hear a photographer say, “Here, now let’s get one of you holding this rose with your head on this book,” I’m going to lose it.

In my daughter’s session, I really had to stop myself from saying, “Don’t bother. We’ll never order that one and if it shows up in the yearbook, there will be a lawsuit.”

Her photos came out beautifully. There are at least three that I like enough to have printed into 8-by-10s, which is good enough for me. While we were in the studio, one girl was getting photographed while pretending to talk on her cell phone, and another girl had no less than four changes of clothes.

The session made me curious about what other seniors are doing, so I went online and found some pretty creative senior pictures. Most of these are from and they prove that senior portrait photographers are getting pretty creative with settings and poses.

Why Settle for the Cloudy Blue Backdrop?
Senior portrait photographers, in their initial stages of boredom, tire of the regular pull-down screens. Big white columns are brought in, giant Sesame Street numbers are propped up, staircases to nowhere are installed and you’ve got yourself a modern day senior portrait studio.

Some photographers go one step further.

Chad had photo evidence of the day he got electrocuted on a metal pipe in an old warehouse.

The studio backed up to an old burned out strip mine, but that didn’t stop this guy from saying, “Hey, let’s get a shot from out on the deck!”

Keith and the giant video game both graduated in ’05. Keith will be going to community college; the giant video game will be going to MIT.

It’s the Clothes that Make the Senior
Many schools require that your yearbook photo be in the standard issue senior portrait uniform: For the guys, a tux. For the girls, a black cape that, when put on backwards, looks like a formal off-the-shoulder gown. But then there are the casual poses. What should you wear? How about some clothes? Clothes would be nice.

“Yes, mom, I wanted to have my underwear show. You wouldn’t understand.”

Greg didn’t really want the tractor to park there. I don’t think.

This one was for Grandma and Paw Paw

Some years ago, someone had the idea that senior pictures would be more interesting if the graduate would hold something he brought from home to show more of his personality. Bring something that you love to be in the photo with you, the photographer said. Weapons were pretty popular. And things on fire.

He’ll be taking his Pikachu nightlight, bedspread and valance to the dorm, too.

Something tells me she’s not in color guard . . .

Brian couldn’t think of a better way to tell the world that he likes money and silly t-shirts.

Exactly what sport do you play? Fire hockey baseball?

Jake is posing for a senior portrait while looking at his senior portrait proofs, which . . . wait, that can’t be . . . Ack! Time travel could seriously mess with the yearbook staff.

Leatherface, in happier times.

Playstation II and the blood drive t-shirt . . . “Do you think my senior portraits will date me?”

Work It, Work It
Senior portrait poses. How creative do you really want to be? Really? What’s the matter with a simple over-the-shoulder glance? What did the over-the-shoulder glance ever do to you?

No words.

“Now for this one, I want you to lie down right here on this brick road. And be natural, like you are when you normally lie down in the middle of the road.”

No toddlers were harmed during this senior portrait session.

“Be a sport, Ashlee, and sit on the giant class ring. Now, put your hand where you think the S will be.”

The question is, what is he going to do at the 10-year class reunion to top this? Peaking too early is a problem.

Double Exposure, Double Fun
How to best show all sides to the senior’s personality in one photo . . . Hmmm, what could we do . . .

Ben, do yourself a favor: Just order three separate pictures.

So busy romping, all 11 of her personalities forgot to change out of their pajamas.

Somewhere in the back of Scott’s mind was a happier Scott, playing his clarinet.

The evil grin was Will’s idea. That calculator will someday help him in his quest to take over the world.

Formal Bob, Bob stranded on an island . . . Formal Bob, Bob stranded on an island . . .

The Whole Package
Some high school seniors just skate by, barely taking enough credits to graduate, while others seem to go above and beyond and do everything bigger and better than their parents ever dreamed possible. Senior portraits are no exception.

Well, that feels good!

To be fair, it was quite hot in the studio that day, with the lights and all.

Clearly Sean’s interests are football, baseball, Blues Clues and bathing. Thus the nickname “Renaissance Man.”

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