What's Funny About the Health Care Debate? Plenty.

I purposely don’t write a political blog. For one thing I don’t know enough about politics and I’m not willing to watch any more 24-hour news than I already do. (Plus I hate non-fiction books.) Instead I write a humorous blog because I think it’s better to laugh at life than to know too much about it.  In human conflict, it’s healthier to laugh at your opponent than to shoot him and spend the next 25-to-life in a stuffy, germ-laden prison.

People who laugh a little bit every day can be 4 pounds lighter at the end of a hilarious year. Reading about the current political atmosphere when it’s not presented in a humorous light, however, can make you angry, frightened and depressed, which according to my Internet sources, are the three things that can make your blood pressure rise and cause you to blow a freaking vein.

In other words, this week’s health care reform debate is not going to put you in your happy place; you’re going to have to work to get yourself there.

So at the risk of offending my friends, some relatives, readers and Linked In connections, I have to write about the health care reform opponents.

Boy, are they ever pissed. I haven’t seen Republicans this mad since . . . ever. Even Jimmy Carter, John Anderson, Ralph Nader and George McGovern combined didn’t get people riled up like this.

According to the Facebook group “50,000 Against Healthcare Bill in the Next 72 hours” and the little bit of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh that I overheard, there are a surprising number of people who are genuinely ballistic about the fact that our federal government is reforming the health care system.

And I mean ballistic. All that blood rushing in their ears apparently caused them not to hear that some of the more offensive parts of the health care reform bill have been removed and changed more to their liking. I was not this angry when Ronald Reagan’s rich people’s money failed to trickle down to me and my minimum wage life. I wasn’t this angry when Bill Clinton was screwing around when he clearly should have been getting some work done. And I wasn’t this angry when we went to war in Iraq because of WMDs, oh wait, because of 9/11, no, because of a torturing tyrant, oh wait, he’s dead now, because we’re already there and we may as well continue to war around as long as we traveled all that way. (As my mother used to say, “Well, we’re here now.”)

This health care debate has people way more angry than that. Here are some things that a surprising number of people really believe:

● Health care reform makes you less free than you were before. And more communist. Despite the Selective Service, taxes and about 7 billion laws, you were free to do whatever you wanted and the government could not tell you otherwise, until this health care bill said you had to be insured.

● Welfare recipients didn’t get free health care until this bill.

● Abortions will be performed by the government for free to any poor person who wants one. You don’t even have to be pregnant to get one. You may even get a free tote bag.
● Lobbyists, political maneuvering, passing bills without a popular vote, working out deals in rooms with doors on them, and limousines in the District of Columbia were all invented by The Kenyan. None of those things existed before January 2009.

● Providing health care to those who need it directly weakens your own hard-fought health care that you have all sewn up. Much like gay marriage makes your own personal heterosexual marriage less important and not as special as it once was. What’s the use of going to a crappy job every day if people who were laid off from their crappy jobs are getting to go to the doctor, too?

● The Kenyan, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will put on white coats, grab a stethoscope, snap on a pair of rubber gloves, and personally go over your lab results with you.  And they don’t want you to be healthy. I don’t even think they’re doctors.

● The nuns and medical professionals who are in favor of this health care reform are rogue, misguided and uninformed. The priests and medical professionals who are against it are the smart ones. In fact, you can determine who is wrong and who is smart by how they feel about this bill.

● This whole issue has something to do with Hitler and Nazi Germany. Not sure what, but it’s something.

Here are some choice posts from “50,000 Against Healthcare Bill in the Next 72 Hours.”  (And by the way, they had far more than 50,000 fans in probably far less than 72 hours.) Rather than write “sic” a bunch of times, I’ll just say now that all the mistakes are theirs. In fact, all the mistakes I’ve made in the past two years in this blog are theirs, too.

I am affraid we are going to become a communist nation!!!!!! What is happening here. We are suppose to be a free America.

Keep this in mind...One of the first things Hitler did when he took power was to nationalize German healthcare.

I don't even have the words to describe how I am feeling. Our ancesters are rolling in their graves, their fight was for naught. Our freedom as we have always know is being taken away. We never had a chance. Our wishes and rights to have a say have been taken away. Sad.

The fact of the matter is that Congress went against what the WILL of the people wanted! They say everyone is entitled under the Constitution, but that's not what it says! The Constitution doesn't gaurantee anyone anything except for the right to PURSUE these things for themselves if they so CHOOSE! We lost the right to choose on Sunday! I gaurantee I will choose in November though!

Finally, the extreme left wing radicals have taken over, and without a shot!! What are the American people thinking, or are they when they go to the poles?

No one in support of this bill has been able to explain why Congress did not START

Why did Congress not START

ONE MORE TIME....WHY DIDNT CONGRESS START BY CHANGING THE LAWS THAT GAVE THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY ALL THE ADVANTAGES... why did we have to go from insurance monopolies to government health care...so Congress would have an equally large pool of funds to play with and insure re-election?


Still in shock that this can happen in America. What a wake up call.

We could not even watch the news last night.

Here is a start on fixing this problem....join V.O.I.D. on Facebook, and Vote them out! The only way we get them out of office nowadays is if they die, none of them are in touch with the real world. I have been to D.C. many times and watched them riding around in their Limo's like they are God's........vote them out......we have the power if we'd stick together to clean up this mess.............thank you for letting me stand on my soap box.....

thats right our wishes and rights are being taken by the chicago mob and their kenyan golden boy. the people who voted for his change should be proud to become his minions, give everything they have to him inclueding their freedom. ythe warnings were there,ignorance won. what a shame we will all have to pay for their lazieness and stupidity,what a shame our elected officials hav sold their souls for money, i hope they can spend it in hell. every soldier who died for our freedom has just been invaladeted by a kenyan,what did they expect from a muslim,and a bunch of mobsters.

One out of many of the worst bills ever since Obama and our congress continue controlling the USA...."when will they wake up", God help our Nation!!

MY kids owes the USA $43,000, and she's still in school My question is . What will she owe in 4 yrs. ?
(Blog owner’s note:  What? Why is your daughter in such terrible debt? I think you wandered in here by mistake. Suze Orman is next door.)

Just remember - he's a post turtle. (Blog owner’s note: What? What?)

Most liberals are those who inherited money and feel guilty about how the money was earned by whatever forebear worked to earn it. Now they want to return the money to other people who didn't earn it and they wan t to use my tax money not theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x


I don't like this bill and I wished it had never passed...The picture of Obama on the toilet paper is the best....

Maybe it's time this country split into two countries....We are never all going to get along.

who died and made OBAMA KING of the United States of America. I guess the Constitution died........

Lobbiest, and pay offs, where is our freedom, stick together or bend over
(Blog owner’s note: I beg your pardon. I will not.)

Nice to know that my money earned from months away from my family defending this nation are going to support people who are too lazy to go get a job and get insurance on there own. I thought it was bad enough that i am paying for some P.O.S. to suck down welfare when they have spit out 30 babies or when they just feel like selling drugs and not getting a job but now lets give em heath care so they can further implant their ass in the couch and do nothing productive for society

Ah, good times. Don’t you feel better now? A five-minute belly laugh is good for your health. Mark Twain said, “Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.” With this much humor, who needs health care?

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