Portrait of a Family

I’m going to get a bad rep for stealing blog ideas from other, funnier and more specialized bloggers. I can’t help it, though. I just have to post these Awkward Family Photos from AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.

This blog site has lots of funny pictures, some candid shots and some of just ugly people, which I don’t find as funny as these posed studio shots. What Olan Mills from hell were they at?

Before you accuse me of making fun of people, let me assure you I’ve got a few of my own family that could qualify for prize winners on this Web site. My church used to put out a photo directory every year and we would get dressed up and go into the bride’s room, where a photographer had set up equipment and we’d pose in front of a faux painted, blue leather-look screen. You couldn’t win with those photos. Even attractive people looked unprepared, embarrassed, and a little bit like they had eaten some bad hamburger.

Here are some doozies from AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.

When Dad is a priest in shorts, Junior is matricidal, and Sissy just watches as Mom gets strangled, better get a picture of that.

These boys have driven Mom to exhaustion. And driven Dad to sporting a Hitler mustache.

“Mom, Dad, uh, we’re right here, you know.”

If you think these people exaggerated their hair for their family portrait in 1984 . . .

. . . check out their family portrait in 1985.

In case there was any doubt that Ryan and Chelsea had been replaced by the new baby, there's a picture to prove it.

Reason #7 for not pissing off your husband on the way to the photo studio.

Ack! Bwaghhhh! *choke* Argh! When the baby is born, it goes immediately to foster care. That is, if this girl is pregnant. She is pregnant, isn't she? Please tell me she's pregnant.

And you thought tacky family photos were invented in the 1970s!

Dr. Evil and Mr. Biggelsworth grew out their hair and started families.

What, one of you couldn't be Christopher Robin?

Where are the parents? No, not in the photo; I mean where are the parents?

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