Punishment for Gluttony

Is gluttony still a sin? I think it is. Crap. I’ve been a huge pig lately, brought on by my sister-in-law and brother-in-law visiting.

In the week that they were here, they brought in doughnuts and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, took me out to lunch every day and took us all out to dinner every night. There were snacks in between, too, and 18-hour-long happy hours complete with Greek olives and cheese.

If it had a pecan crust, was in a pool of lemon butter sauce or was topped with whipped cream, I ate it last week.

Their visit is only my most recent excuse for being a - . . . I hesitate to say “pig” or “cow” because even barnyard animals stop eating occasionally. Over the past year, my excuses have been varied:
So I just took my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to the airport and not a minute too soon. I was entering the danger zone of having to buy bigger mu-mus at the beach shop for this summer.

Worse, I was thinking I may not be able to do it all over again when they come back next time.

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