My Favorite Blogs

I’m not sure what the competition situation here is, because I’m new to blogging and I’m the least competitive person you know, but there are some funny blogs out there. If you found my blog and you think it’s funny, wait until you see some of these other blogs. They’re hilarious.

My favorite blogger is someone called Wide Lawns. There’s a reason she’s called that and it involves a long story, which she’s full of. I don’t know who this woman is, but she reveals just enough about herself to let you know that she’s a teacher. I hope with all my heart that she’s one of my kids’ teachers, because she’s hilarious.

Her shtick is that she’s from a dysfunctional family, that she’s moved something like 28 times in her life, went to eight different high schools and her blog is all stories about growing up, everything from the time baboons attacked her grandfather’s car, to embarrassing dates. I believe every single thing this woman says and I don’t think she’s exaggerating even a little bit. Maybe it’s her writing style or something, but I believe that a man told her on their first date that he had a 4-inch penis and that she responded by saying, “Oh, that sounds about right, that’s about average, isn’t it?”

Then there’s Cake Wrecks. Go to this blog and keep clicking “older posts” to look at all the old cakes. The whole blog is pictures of cakes that people have made that are lame. And if you don’t think cakes can make you laugh out loud, then you’re not trying hard enough and maybe you don’t want to be happy and jolly. My favorites are the cake that was for a baby shower that said, “Welcome Little Swetty!” and the ones where the cake decorators wrote the instructions right onto the cake in all their frosted glory: “Congaudulations Under Neat That On Your Weeding (In Green)”. Then there are the cakes that are shaped like babies, dogs, half naked men, and Bon Jovi. Go look for yourself. I am not making this up. There is photo evidence.

Bloggers who just post pictures are sometimes the funniest. There was a blogger who found an old JCPenney catalog from 1977 in his father-in-law’s attic and posted pictures from it with brief comments and it was funnier than Comic Relief.

And I can’t go a week without reading Pajamas and Coffee, a blog by my friend Mary McCarthy in Baltimore. She’s your typical former city councilman, mom of four, Halloween expert, writer, who often dresses up in costumes (just for fun, I think). She’s one of the few women I know who is brave enough to admit that she hates going to her kids’ schools for parent open houses. She also admitted that her kids have twice told her that they get the impression that she doesn’t like them very much. To me, moms that are the least like The Beaver’s mom are like money in the bank. I’ve never met Mary (we’re just virtual friends) but I wish she were my next-door-neighbor. I wouldn’t let her get close to my kids, but I’d have such a fun life.

Blogging may be the cause of the death of real news journalism, but it is so worth it. If you can laugh every single day just by sitting at your computer for free, who needs investigative journalism?

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