Fun Facts From the Internet

I’ve written before about how the Internet can suck you in and eat up hours out of your day while you have nothing to show for it except trivia that has no use and may not even be true.

I’m super busy right now. Our move is less than three weeks away and my List of Things to Do, my List of Moving Things to Do, List of Things to Put on a List, and List of New Lists to Make are evolving into binders with page protectors and color-coded divider tabs.

So it only makes sense that I spent time yesterday watching YouTube videos of old Randy Newman concerts, which led to a video of Aaron Neville singing “Louisiana 1927,” one of Randy Newman’s songs, which led to me finding this Fun Fact:

Linda Rondstadt’s grandfather invented the toaster, the early form of the microwave oven, and flexible rubber ice trays! 

Not too long ago I was watching YouTube videos of cigarette TV ads from the 1950s (which was so worth it, by the way. One was of a couple waterskiing while they were smoking. I almost fell off my swivel desk chair laughing), which led to videos of old Andy Griffith Show clips, which led to this Fun Fact:

Hee Haw was originated in Canada by Canadians.

While reading about how the Lennon Sisters’ dad was murdered by a maniacal fan who stalked Peggy Lennon and imagined himself to be her husband, I found out that My Three Sons was originally going to be called My Four Daughters, but the Lennon Sisters wouldn’t star in it, because they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to get all their homework done. This led to reading about the band Venice, then an urban legend about a chocolate Michael Jackson found in a box of Easter candy, which led to this Fun Fact:

Although they’re just sugar-coated marshmallows, you can’t roast a marshmallow peep over a fire. (The sugar burns and it’s unpalatable.)

Good to know. And you wonder how I can get anything done around here? I’m about to start a new day in the Worst Tattoos Ever page. There’s a girl with Bob Barker’s face on her upper arm. I’m thinking I might get a good recipe out of it.