Don't Cut Us Off Now, Man. We're Addicts!

No, no, no. We'd rather watch TV, thanks.
I have to admit, I’m a little bit disappointed in Barack Obama. I’ve been a big supporter, you know. I made phone calls, sent emails and knocked on the doors of some really old cranky people for the Obama campaign, but right now I’m feeling a little let down.

I was watching our kitchen TV while emptying the dish washer and heard him tell a TV reporter that he wasn’t going to say another word about the vice presidential choice. Not another word. And he was a little stern about it. He sounded like a mom, frankly.

Oh crap, I thought. Now what are we going to watch? Without that daily drama, we’re stuck with foreign policy, the economy, whether someone is a war hero or not (and that only carries so much intrigue. It’s kind of a known factor, can’t do much with that), how much crude oil is per barrel, and that kid in Kentucky who sold his bike and video games to donate to Hillary’s campaign. Who is that kid? I don’t know any kids in Kentucky that would do that. Is he even real? I suspect he’s from West Virginia.

The vice presidential choice slipped in nicely for a seamless transition after the Democratic primary started to fizzle. We had the constant comments to interpret, clothes to mock, gestures to make fun of - ah, those were good times. And then when Barack became the “presumptive nominee” (see, I’ve been listening) we weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the tension between him and Hillary. Enter the vice presidential choice. Ding! 

But with that nipped in the bud, it’s only a matter of time before this presidential race starts to be just another news story. And then I’m going to have to try to remember what the other channels are on our TV.  It’s looking pretty grim. American Idol is over, The Office is taking its summer hiatus, and all the Law & Order marathons are done until next Memorial Day.

While I empty the dishwasher, cook dinner, fold clothes and iron, I’m stuck with Charmed reruns and Saving Grace.

If we promise to clean our rooms and brush our teeth real good, can you at least tell us the story of how you met with Hillary at the super secret Dianne Feinstein’s house? I know we’ve heard it, but we love the way you and Chris Matthews tell it.