A True Obama Mama

No, not your left, my left!  Dartmouth students later regretted stopping at that frat party before the Obama rally.

I’m a sucker for a presidential candidate. I don’t presume to know more than the average Joe about politics.  (For instance, I planned a primary returns watch party for tonight to watch the Florida results, not knowing that there really isn’t a meaningful Democratic primary in Florida this year. I had to read a couple of newspapers and Google “why no one is coming to my party” before I figured it out.)

But I like the whole idea of being involved in politics and having primary returns watch parties. By the time this whole thing is over I might even figure out what channel CNN is on our cable.

Democrats here have been so nice to me. First, they didn’t make fun of my Florida debacle and then they planned something better and let me save face. I’m in awe of Hillary, a young woman who is pulling together a more appropriate party next week. She seems to know what she’s doing. When discussing where to have the party, I sat in front of the closed phone book and chewed on my cuticles. She flipped open her cell, called Buffalo Wild Wings, booked the room, drew up an 8-point marketing plan, sent out a massive email and created a Facebook page to spread the news. In that time, I still was deciding what to wear. (My daughter’s Obama t-shirt with something more matronly over top? Or will just the dark blue theme with red accents suffice?)

I’m the type that would show up to a political action committee with Obama face cookies (Fruit by the Foot cut into shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth . . . brown sprinkles for the hair . . . and I think you can get presidential hopeful cookie cutters at stupidstuffontheinternet.com). I helped with a Democratic fundraising race last summer and spent most of the time admiring the centerpieces and petting the dogs.

I’m good at handling refreshments, being on the clean-up committee, and picking themes and carrying them to nauseating extremes. 

But my heart’s in the right place. If a worker bee is needed, in an appropriate outfit and arriving on time, then I’m your woman. I’m also good at taking pictures, making up a scrapbook of the events, and writing thank-you notes. And I always make sure there’s coffee with real cream. 

Think there’s a place in Obama’s campaign for me?