Live From New York - It's the Bandies!

As you read this (who is reading this anyway? Barbara, is that you? Chuck? Molly? Debby? Are you there?) I’m in New York with the Dunbar Band traipsing around the Big Apple with my mother-in-law and a bunch of other bandies.

We’ve been doing touristy things since we left Lexington on Monday and rode on a bus all night. With the help of a family sized bottle of Advil PM, it hasn’t been too bad. We saw the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, had a dinner cruise, shopped all over, went to the Empire State Building, and did a bus tour of the city.

Today we watched the Dunbar Band march in the Macy’s parade, and then had an Olde Fashioned Kentucky Thanksgiving Dinner in the Grand Hyatt Ballroom, thanks to our tour guide who doesn’t quite get the concept that we’re finally getting out of Kentucky and going to New York City and we get mushy green beans.

My husband is home, holding down the fort and has cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner for the boys and himself. In addition, this week, he taped the parade on videotape, and is posting my blog for me. And he had to feed the dog, take Son #2 to school, walk the dog, bake pies, pick up Son #1, take Son #2 to a school board recognition and pick up the dry cleaning (Oh, hon, could you pick up the dry cleaning. Thanks!!!)

I’ll have more stories when I return. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!