I Got Braces

Under the heading What Was She Thinking, I got braces on Wednesday. 

They tell me (and by “they” I mean my daughter and the dental assistant Allison who has become my third best friend for life) that in two weeks I’ll feel better, I won’t have sores all over the inside of my mouth, I’ll be able to eat more than the tomato soup and Chardonnay I’m living on now, and I won’t feel so ridiculous.

Lots of adults get braces. Right? Meg Snow, the yuppy Weimaraner owner in Best in Show.  Johnny Depp at the end of Secret Window. (“I’m straightening a couple things out.”)

I’m telling everyone I’m going with smart. Since pretty is definitely out. 

My mother-in-law was visiting from Youngstown the day I got the braces on. She’s the queen of supportiveness and kept telling me, “You look beautiful! You look beautiful!” And then she reminded me that people pay “lots of money to get their lips to look like that!”