Adult Braces: Day 7

Don’t let the picture fool you. These suckers hurt.

Where are the support groups for adults with braces? I’ve looked in the paper and everybody seems to be all concerned about alcoholism, diseases and mental illness. These braces really hurt.

First there are the cuts and sores on the inside of my mouth from being up against hard, unyielding plastic and metal 24-hours a day (and the plastic is worse than the metal, thank you very much). Two, there’s the fact that my teeth are already moving, although how that can be, I’m not sure. 

Remember that pleasure-pain thing you used to get when you had a loose tooth and you’d wiggle it and it felt good and hurt at the same time? Yeah, well, this is nothing like that. It just hurts.

Three, there’s the fact that I’m starving to death, since I can’t eat anything other than tomato soup and wine. I’ve lost three pounds and am headed for rehab.

Last night for dinner I ate tomato sauce. Not spaghetti and sauce, just sauce. I dipped some of a Lil’s Cheese Toasty in it and was able to swirl that around in my mouth a little bit. A big part of the joy of my life (eating) is gone.

They tell me I have another week before I start to feel better. Stay tuned.