Band Camp

My daughter has begun band camp, a two-week, 9-5 marching-bandapalooza at Dunbar High School. 

She’s in the pit and plays percussion and keyboard.

It’s a lot of work, not to mention pressure, since Dunbar marching band will not only try to regain its championship this year, but is marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Before the trip to New York City for the parade, the band is doing beaucoup fundraising at car washes, working at Legends baseball games concessions - you name it, they’re selling it, washing it, and taking money for it.

At band camp, the 180-some-member band is learning drills, marching techniques, and a little bit of ballet, to get ready for the marching season.

Coming soon to a Diane Laney Fitzpatrick Web site near you - a photo page for more band camp photos, including lots of kids caught in yawns, lying dead-like on the ground, and the ever popular holding-invisible-instruments-in-the-air poses.